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Ask a Question. Patient Influencers Answer.

Tap into the wisdom of over 100,000 Consumer Health Opinion Leaders across hundreds of health topics and conditions.

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More insightful than a survey.
More scalable than a focus group.

Faster Than Both.


Get instant access to the world's largest panel of consumer health influencers.



Instantly access vetted influencers from WEGO Health's network of consumer health influencers, specifically selected to meet your program's research needs.


Launch SMS invitations and reminders to drive response. All participants are rewarded with gift certificates within 24 hours of response validation.

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Present opinion leaders with interactive research stimuli directly on their mobile devices using our patent-pending technology.



Deliver images, video, links, text and more — optimized for mobile.


Guide users with a virtual moderator, collect responses with keypad polls, then gain rich insights by recording voice responses.

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Bring opinion leader insights to life with data visualizations and audio commentary.


Dig into quantitative results and extract actionable trends from qualitative comments.


Log in to your own private dashboard with report summary, data analysis, voice-response highlights, and downloadable everything.


All the features you want to get the answers you need

From on-demand panels to seamless logistics-handling, Truvio delivers rich insights at unrivaled speeds.

Custom Influencer Panels

World's largest consumer health influencer panel from WEGO Health, includes rich social-graph data from proprietary database.

Reliable Infrastructure

Scalable, cloud-based interactive voice-response solution built on industry's leading VoIP Platform.

Multi-Media Stimuli Support

Mobile-optimized, multi-media stimuli accompanied by professionally recorded voice guide provides infinite research possibilities.

Industry-Compliant Solution

Healthcare-industry focus ensures regulatory compliance, including presentation of safety info and adverse event management.

User-Centric Experience

User-centric experience includes time zone-aware communications, auto user validation, and rapid incentive delivery.

Mixed-Methodology Research

Variable response input methods, including keypad and voice, enables Truvio to deliver both quantitative and qualitative insights.

Automated Logistics Handling

Start-to-end logistics management, including panel invites, SMS reminders, response validation, and incentive delivery.

Intuitive Personal Reporting

Report designed with busy executives in mind, providing infographic-style data visualizations and voice-response highlights.

Unrivaled Speed-to-Complete

Combination of world's largest influencer panel, automated logistics handling, and industry expertise enables Truvio to field research and collect responses in under 24 hours.

Limitless Customization

Flexible technology architecture allows for cost-effective customization, including SMS screeners, variable incentives, and custom-reporting.

Full Data Access

Instant access to complete data sets, including quantitative results for each individual respondent, audio files and corresponding transcripts.

Versatile Engagements

Custom packages, from DIY templates and raw data downloads, to a full suite of professional services to help with research design, stimuli creation, and response analysis.

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